Sree Venkateshwarar
Matric. Hr. Sec. School
Royapettah Chennai-600014



English Language Lab

The school has well equipped Language Lab. It develops the language skills, listening and speaking skill.

Science Lab

It facilitates the students to understand the concepts and principles easily by stimulating the imagination, observation and reasoning.

Computer Science Lab

It plays an important role in the student’s learning process as lessons are learnt through audio and visual aids.

Physics Lab

Chemistry Lab

Biology Lab

Maths Lab

Maths lab is designed in accordance with the prerequisites of the curricula to enable simplification & comprehension of complex Maths concepts through the use of tools, models & properties.


A well designed reading area which facilitates extra learning to the students and teachers through Magazines, Periodicals, Journals & latest books.

Digital Class Rooms

It offers a friendly environment to the students where they may comprehend all their concepts while having endless fun and it helps the students in building up healthy communication with each other.

Activity Room

Our school has a very large activity room equipped with more than 150 types of teaching aids for the use of pre-primary to I std to facilitate language development, Social development, Mathematical and analytical skills apart from use as for block play, story telling and role play. Audio visual aids also find a place in that room.

Activity Room

AV Room We have a well equipped AV Room for the use of students & staff to enhance Teaching and learning process. The room is equipped with TV,CD Player, White Board, Projector & Computer
Music & Dance Room This is aspacious room where children are trained in various dance forms. Ample opportunities are provided to the students to give expression to their imagination and thus enhance creativity. The well equipped music room contains a variety of Classical & Western musical instruments.
Art & Craft Room Students are encouraged to develop their talents and skills from an early stage. The art room presents opportunities to students for developing varied artistic interests including Clay modelling, Painting, Glass Painting, Drawing,Papermache& Craft work.
Playground Our School aims at all round development of the students and encourages Indoor & outdoor sports activities which develop their leadership skill and camaraderie. These activities enhance endurance, sporting spirit & integrate mind, body and soul preparing motivated sports enthusiasts.
Yoga Hall The Yoga room with its soothing ambience and well matted floors enables students to gain coordination of mind , body & soul. Professional guidance by trained instructors helps students rejuvenate themselves everyday.
Canteen The school encourages healthy eating habits by offering nutritional choices. School prohibits selling of junk food.
Camera Safeguarding the well being of our students and staff is the primary concern of our school. A properly installed system of school security cameras is an important tool for ensuring safety for them on school grounds.

Solar Energy Generator - Solar Power Plant Integrator

Having solar energy generator on school property sends a really important message to the students about the importance of moving towards sustainable energy and reducing our carbon foot print. Our school has installed Euphoria Green Technologies solar paver generator on 16.11.2015. the 30KWP Solar photovoltaic paver plant system is installed at roof-top to afford an annual energy generation of 48000 units (5unitsx30KWx320 days) for capture use under ideal conditions.

RO Water Purifier

With the objective of providing safe and clean drinking water for every student our school has installed RO Water Purification system, so that students can derive benefits by safe and drinking safe and pure water.

To achieve good hygiene at school Excel water system is undergoing the following process:

  1. Neutralizes the free residual Chlorine and removes pesticide, Oil resides, bad odour, Colon and trace organics
  2. The micron cartridge filters (10M & 5M) remove smaller size particles like sediments, Parasites, eggs and etc.
  3. The high pressure pump is offering external pressure to feed the pre – filtered water into the R.O system to isolate solute and solvent.



Play Ground

Music Dance

Maths Lab

Art Crafts