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Every student should attend the school for not less than 90% of the working days in each term and not less than 200 working days in the full academic year. No student should absent himself/herself without prior permission. For ‘sick leave’ the student will be required to produce the medical certificate. A student is liable for punishment due to absence without leave letter or for involving in malpractices. Various prizes will be given to students at the end of the academic year for regularity in attendance and also for their general proficiency.

Application for a Transfer Certificate (T.C) should be made in writing by the parent with the prescribed fee. T.C. will be usually given in a week’s time. No Transfer Certificate shall be issued unless all the fees due for the class last attended have been paid. Students leaving the school in the middle of the term must pay the school fees for the full academic year.

Classes from VI onwards take part in interactive clubs for each subject. These clubs are inaugurated at the beginning of each academic year by eminent personalities. They function once a month thereafter. Debates and discussions are part of the club activities. These sessions help students enhance their creative skills and competitiveness.

The school also pays equal attention to extra- curricular activities like Music, Dance, Drama, Karate, Yoga, elocution, Debate, Project work, Scouts & Guides, Road Safety Patrol and N.S.S .

Science and Art exhibitions are held for the students to showcase their diverse talents. These programmes help the students to develop their public speaking skills and also to enlighten the students on topics such as Global Warming, Environmental Pollution, hazards of tobacco, culinary skills, painting and a host of other subjects. These exhibitions involve students, parents and teachers participation . Students are given ample opportunities to showcase their talents in drawing. Pidilite Industries Ltd held a Mega Canvas Board Painting Competition in which over all the students took part in the on- the- spot drawing competition. The event later entered into Limca Book of Records (Photos). In brief , the school aims at imparting not just bookish knowledge but various programmes like seminars and workshops, activities like Excursions and Field trips which help them not only to enrich their knowledge but also the social values like self-help, love, camaraderie and affection.